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Natural Fragrance Collection


A 4 ounce keepsake travel size in heavyweight patinated brass, holding a series of complex olfactory profiles derived from all-natural aroma compounds.


The collection is a culmination of inspiration from travels to Paris and London. The rich, storied history of perfumery and the ancient pomander, often made of gold or silver, inspired our brass container.


Each of the four fragrances are composed of fragrant oils derived from 100% natural materials infused into all-natural soy wax. They embody the sweet aromas of flowers, the depth of resins, woods, and greens extracted from natural plant substances, and sprays of blossoms and citrus peel. Influenced by the mood of flowers: tranquil, reclusive, luxurious, and beautiful.


The brass cups for our naturals collection are made by the hands of craftsmen before they reach our studio. Their journey begins in India with each cup individually hand forged, etched, polished, and antiqued so the brass will beautifully patina over time and hold small treasures when the candle is finished. We care about each step of the process, so we continue to partner with a socially compliant factory in India to hand produce our brass vessels. In addition to fair wages, our partner assists with children's education to employee's with families, and extra facilities for women.

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